Def Jam Rapstar!

Hey guys,

Was just browsing through World Star Hip Hop and bumped into this - thought it was pretty cool besides the point of how many famous rappers are on it already and its also made from Def Jam!

Def Jam Rapster

J.Reyez - Little Miss Innocent (feat. Chris Jackson)

Check out J Reyez new song and it brings fire.

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Global Gambit

I don't know if you guys know,

But I use to hang with this guy, name S.R - fucken funny cunt, we became very good friends I spent most of my highschool and uni life hanging with him nearly every day. But anyways no homo, but he's a good guy and sick cunt dancer. Did a shout out for me for my mixtape and also got me into some mad Bathing Ape shit.

Global Gambits

They are dancers, hip hop hunters and all other things put in one. Pretty much "Hip Hop"

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S.R - was also on tour with J Reyez Kaba Modern and Traphek. Took some crazy photos and videos, I've been stalking him because I'm so jealous haha

YouTube - Gaytimes for all!

Hip hop is a lifestyle.

Hey guys,

Haven't posted anything for ahwile - not because i haven't had anything to post just been busy with other things around in life which includes Starcraft. Yes I play Starcraft - its bloody addictive as well.

Anyways some new links and updates on some new things.

DJ J Funk

- He has been announced the World Star Hip Hop party DJ! Which is fucken crazy, as I said it before that's some huge props on DJ J FUNK for getting a huge gig and pushing hip hop to another level. He will be also doing Jeremih - Ice Cube - Bone Thugs ; he's doing this thing! Getting crazy hype! Anyways time to chuck up some links if you don't know - you better ask some body!

World Star Hip Hop - if your not on this website, don't be on the internet.
Jeremih - Shout out
DJ J Funk - Facebook Page

Marque Benedicto !

Oh shit,

Marque - no shit, you guys just need to listen to his music live and when he's recording. Sounds sick! He also can ball pretty hard as well - so whenever you need a shooting guard give him a buzz, he'll drain buckets all day.

Anyways - had Marque perform on my opening night at DERTY@BLVD and he shuts it down with MC Philly. Will do a blog on him straight after this but, yeah Marque's music is good and solid - listen to some of his unreleased shit when we were kicking it and must say it's good - none of that half asses shit.

Marque is currently in the states doing his thing and posted me some stuff to post on my facebook and where-ever, gotta get his hype back up because his amazing singer.


He's YouTube Page

Work Ethic
Hey Daddy Cover
Whatever You Like Remix
Suffocate Cover

His own song!

His shout out to DJ SHOOK!

Andy "Drizzy" Quach from the Denkidz

Hey guys,

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Andy - he dropped my last track on my latest mixtape and gave him some mad exposure, got some sick rhymes and does it in skinny jeans.

Don't need to say much because if he can make it on Jin mixtape - his music must mean something and that he can spit. So enough with that and just gonna post some links of his music.

YouTube Page

Best I Ever Had

It's You

Run This Town

Keep doing your thing Andy - we gotta keep grinding and show that we can make it.